Company: Salesforce
New York Times CEO Congratulatory Gift
Ashley Davis, Art Director
Megan Gray, Junior Designer
Jordan Thomas, Junior Copywriter

Our goal was to acknowledge and honor the accomplishments of Meredith Kopek Levien to CEO and President of the New York Times. We did a lot of research into Meredith, her interests, and her family, and we wanted this gift to not only celebrate Meredith but also provide something money can’t buy: memories with her son Justice. With her love of reading and her dedication towards female empowerment, we found a children’s book illustrated by a Brooklyn-based artist of color that tells the story of Neil deGrasse Tyson. To play on the stars theme and the idea of time with her child, we also included a children’s astronaut kit. And then to celebrate Meredith’s success, we included a framed poster of the night sky in New York city the day she became CEO as well as custom cookies with her name and her son’s name.
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