Hello! I'm Ashley! I'm a graphic designer and artist/entrepreneur living in Indianapolis.
Ever since I was little, I've had the unstoppable urge to create. I won my first art fair in kindergarten, and the energy and passion to make great things has carried on. In addition to art, I have a passion for knowledge, which makes slowing down difficult. I constantly want to learn new things, pick up new skills, and test the unknown.
In college, this meant experimenting with different majors, trying out new cultures, and exploring the world. After graduating from Loyola Chicago, my passion for art led me to Indianapolis where I eventually completed my Master of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design. A string of freelance projects introduced me to OurHealth, my current employer, where I've been since 2013. As Creative Specialist, I've had the chance to design our brand standards, websites, brochures, books, flyers, banners, window wraps and even a 900-foot long store front.
In 2015, I was honored to be selected by Adobe to be among the top designers in the city of Indianapolis to compete as part of a unique, two-part (creation and presentation) design experience. The competition put ten teams of two against each other to execute a visual design concept based on a theme revealed at the event. After three hours and no rules, the teams presented their work to the audience and jury. My partner and I were selected as the Adobe Creative Jam Jury Winners for the competition.    
In addition to graphic design, I am also an artist and a painter, and my desire to create doesn't just stop at 5PM. In February 2015, my passion to keep creating eventually led to Pale Fox Designs. It started with seeing all the inspiring female makers on Instagram. I thought to myself, what's  stopping me from starting my own shop, from sharing my art with the world, from learning and creating and making something new? So here I am! Since starting my business, I've been featured on Buzzfeed twice, participated in the acclaimed Chicago Renegade Craft Fair, and acted as a donor to Planned Parenthood of New York City for their Summer, Sex, and Spirits event. I also project a 170% YOY growth for 2016 sales. From developing new product lines to branching out into wholesale, my future business goals never cease to end.

In addition to etsy, I also take on freelance projects. Services include: business cards, personal and business logos, wedding invitations, custom paintings, and a range of other offerings.
Want to learn more about my professional background? Check out my resume.
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